Photo credit:  Nikki Lynch

Jarc the shark

That's my nickname and it is awesome!  My name is Christopher Jarc and I love living life!  It is a beautiful world that we all live in and I intend to make the most out of it.  In 2012, I pretty much let go of all my possessions and started truly living life.  With the support of an amazing friends' unwavering belief in me, I took a leap of faith and am still flying to this day!  

I like to say that I am perpetually available for opportunity.  That's pretty cool right?!  I also came up with the classic move Heel Slap Chest Pop!  Go ahead and say it - you are probably smiling, right?  Now combine both of those things and throw in a bunch of positive energy and cool hair then you have what my life is!  These opportunities have blessed me with meeting incredible human beings from all over the United States, Canada, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and many more places to come!  Everywhere I go, I try to leave a little love. My path is covered literally in love in the form of hearts on the ground!  Check it out on my page on Instagram to see a few :)  I really believe that love can change a person's life coming from a smile or a random act of kindness.  Love is powerful and so is smiling, two of my favorite things!  And high kicks and headstands but it is all in the name of making my time here in this world the best time ever!  Live.  Love. Heel Slap Chest Pop!  Wow!  Life is Beautiful!

Pura Vida and Adventure On!!!