Life on the Edge

I love the saying living life on the edge. It means you are going out there and exploring and checking out things and enjoying yourself.  For me it means all that and literally going to the edge! Hiking up the Rock in Gibraltar, I went to an old turret bunker and it was sweet! It was situated on the ridge of the mountain where from one side you look down on the city going through a little bit of a tunnel you came out to a view of the sheer cliffs and the water on the other side.  It was amazing.  I noticed there was a nice ledge out the one side of the window so I set my bag down and went to explore.  I had pretty much the whole mountain to myself because it was up a trail not a paved path to this spot and I think most people avoid it because it is a bit rugged.  I shimmied out one window and went to the edge! Whoa! It was spectacular! Rocks and straight down all the way! It was a bit windy so I stayed there for just a little bit. Thankful and smiling I went back to the safety of the bunker and explored some more.

I made it back down to some paved paths and observation decks which was set to some more amazing views.  I hung out with my monkey buddies. There were a bevy of them up here! Absolutely wild! One of my favorite thing was there were all these signs saying please do feed the monkeys.  I agree to that becaus you never know when a finger looks like a French fry so I was good with that.  Then strolling around the corner I saw two police men literally shoving food in these monkeys faces and feeding them for a show of girls who were giggling. I just laughed because it was funny how rules really don’t apply if you are trying to impress a girl. Ha ha ha!

I did make it up to see some monkeys pretty up close though.  I respected them giving them space.  Here is a little dude walking the wall right past me!  I took these wild stairs straight down the mountain side to the bottom and met up a lot of monkeys there! The steps were tight so lots of time I would just sit with the monkeys and talk to them. There eyes and hands and feet are so incredible.  Watching the different expressions and looking at how all their faces differ in such unique ways was really a treat.  It was a beautiful day exploring the rock.

I always love exploring and when I do I always see hearts! In the trees, in the clouds, in the stones, and even in people’s eyes!  Be what you want to see in the world!  Once again my mantra : I am pure love radiating in every direction!  Pura Vida!