Magical Day in Bayonne, France

Whoa! Bayonne turned out to be an amazing day!  The train ride over was quite easy.  After my cafe com leche in the late morning in San Sebastián I went walking to find the local train company called Euskotrsn.  I was heading back to the Renfe station (the main train of Spain) when i saw a sign post for Euuskotrain pointing the other way.  Boom I had an arrow pointing into the bustling streets so of course I followed it!  Went through a few twists and turns and I just went with the flow of how the city was.  I came up to another corner and voila! Another arrow saying only five minutes to walk to it.  Perfect. So i walked right up to this beautiful square and saw this cool fountain and a good view of the cathedral,down the way and there it was on the other end.  I walked in and found a ticket kiosk and put in my 2 euros and had my ticket. I walked out to the platform and ding ding the train was about to leave. Talk about perfect timing! Hopped right on and off I went to Hendaye.  It was only 35 minutes to Hendaye and it started to rain a little bit but not that bad.  Once in Hendaye I left the Euskotren station because that is how far it goes and luckily just had to go next door the other train station that supports all,of France.  A few Bonjours and Merci beaucoups and I had a ticket to Bayonne leaving in 30minutes.  I ended up,walking out and did a quick look of walking in Hendaye which was a cool place from what I saw.  The cool thing was I wanted to walk around because I was in France!!!  Heyeayah!  After a brisk walk in the drizzle I headed back and jumped right on the train to Bayonne!

That train ride was pretty cool. Even though it was raining a bit the views of the northern coast of Spain were awesome and the ocean looked fierce with big waves.  Out the other window over the sporadic orange clay tile rooftops were glimpses here and there between the clouds of the foothills of the Pyrenees!  I will be climbing over those in a day or two, how cool!

Finally made it Bayonne which was only an hour ride and hoped out and went looking for a hostel.  Found a nice one just down a tiny road and dropped my bag there and had a jamon y queso sand which at the bar below.  The sky was still a little grey but bouts of vibrant bile poked out so I figured it would be all good to go for a walk.  I headed out to find the chocolate factory because Bayonne is a Hotspot for epic chocolate.  Made it to L’Atelier du Chocolat and went on a nice tour.  Saw how it came from the fruit through production and shipping around the world. What’s the best thing about a tour?  The samples at the end! They had tables spread with different types of chocolate and you could taste them all.  I managed to hit them all in about 20 minutes of non stop chocolate eating fest and they all were very delicious!

After such a sweet feast I needed to burn some of those calories so I continued on my walk about Bayonne.  Beautiful boardwalk next to the l’Adour river led me one of the main bridges over and I crossed and went into a maze of shops and stores and bars.  It was cool to always see so,many people outside enjoying what’s around them.  Coming to one small alley heading up I saw the peak of the cathedral!  I had to go,check it out.  It was beautiful timing as I walked up to the front the sun broke free from the clouds it was hiding behind and lit up the cathedral peaks in the warmth of its rays! Pretty cool sight and I decided to check out the inside a bit.

The inside of cathedrale sainte-marie de Bayonne was impressive.  Tall ceilings all decorated extensively, rows upon rows of benches, a magnificent altar, the whispering sounds of church music, amazing staind glass and just a good feeling!  I felt good being right there.  I didn’t think, but just quietly was there in that church.

I walked over to the side of the altar and put in a donation and picked up to candles. The one I pictured pure love radiating outwards everywhere just like my mantra and lit it and set it down. Sitting in front of it I pictures myself going into the flame and felt the love of all those who love me then went in to the center where it was so bright I couldn’t see. I visualized I went further in until I felt like I was floating.  I was! I was in space looking at the universe from the outside! Whoa! I gently opened my eyes and smiled and looked at the flame again and just felt happy.

The second candle I held in my hand and st. Christopher jumped into my head.  I remember when I was little and just starting to drive my mom gave me a little pin to put on the rear view mirror. It was of st Christopher.  Not only does he have an awesome name quite similar to mine, he is also the patron saint of travelers.  I lift the second one for him not to watch over me on my journey, but to take care of everybody on the trail and in their lives on their own journey. I lit it, held it, set it down and smiled!  Now I feel ready to go feeling the good vibes I left the church and wandered the busy streets and shops.  I felt glowing and loved walking around.  Maybe other people could see me glowing because I have never made that much eye contact before!  Lot of people, would glance over and our eyes meet and they would look away but I would smile and then they loom back with a child like grin on their faces.  It was a perfect day!

I was walking alongside the river as the sun was setting and I started seeing hearts all over in the clouds.  Then this one came!  It was right in front of the sunset and was beautiful.  It was my mantra right in front of my own eyes.  Pure love radiating out in every direction! How beautiful, how perfect, how amazing! Pura Vida and adventure on!