Day 10: Grañon to Tosantos

Day 10:  20.2 kilometers

Total:  276.4 kilometers

Today started with a beautiful yoga session! Marian, Barbara, Stefano and me headed down to the salon room and lit some incense and each started doing their own flow. I felt great and just did what my body wanted and it was a great way to start the day! I left with my friends in the morning but just after we started we all went our own pace. It was a mystical morning that felt amazing.  I think i was still in heaven from the night before.  Walking amongst the clouds mountains appeared through the mist along with trees and fields.  I felt like I was on a canvas of a beautiful artist.  The white edges looks like the unfinished section of a beautiful painting.  I had fun walking in the rain and thinking a lot about everything.

I started getting a little tired after a while and the rain picked up a bit. My feet started to hurt because of the streams that flowed over the paths made it impossible to keep you feet dry!  I was almost to the next town called Viloria de pa Rioja and decided when I first saw it in the mist that I would stop for some coffee and warmth! I walked in to find my awesome friend GianMarco writing in his journal! It was such a good feeling to see a friend!  I sat down for some coffee and chatted with the hospitalero and noticed lots of bracelets and necklaces with beautifully carved pieces on it.  It turns out that he takes wood from the camino and carves it in his free time from running the Albergue there.  It was beautiful work and when I was lookng at them I saw my tattoo! He knew all about the energy behind the triskelle! I loved it and actually took a video of the Albergue and the hospitalero and his work! I bought a piece as a token of the camino and it is now hanging on my back back next to my shell.

After a few moments Barbara came it to get warm and out of the rain for a bit.  We talked and wrote and then got back to the trail. We walked a little together all the way to Belorado. Just before belorado GianMarco and I saw Martha and Anne! It was awesome!  We all walked into Belorado together and split up when GianMarco and I went to the mercado for supplies (Ashley Quinn – hahahah) for dinnerand also a few things for lunch whilst Anne and Martha grabbed some coffee!  GianMarco and I stopped for lunch on the steps near the plaza mayor before heading out back on the road!

It was a bit of a rough walk with my feet being wet all day. I felt a few blisters starting so that hurt a bit.  The scenery was still pretty amazing which made it much better.  I ended up walking a little bit in front of GianMarco and made it to the next town Tostanos just in time! There was this beautiful church built inside the mountain that we checked out before checking into the Albergue.  Dios mio! This was so beautiful for the outside and I wish I could of gone inside but it was closed.  Hakuna matata because the view from the top was amazing! Just beautiful!

Now back to the Albergue where I found out that this Albergue we stopped at was one that was in the movie "The Way"!!!  How cool is that! We are technically staying where Martin Sheen stayed at! The owner Jose Luis is really beautiful soul too who I am so glad I have been able to meet! Now what is left is to go to the bar for a beer with friends and the help makeanother episode of carbonara! The best pasta of the camino!  Love the times I am experiencing every day! My feet are sore but my body is fine and my heart is content!

We had a beautiful dinner with the family then were offered to go upstairs to the chapel.  Jose. Luis took us through a beautiful bilingual ceremony! We had Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, French and English! It was understood and felt the same.  At the end we read notes left by previous pilgrims.  It was quite emotion packed. Every 20 days Jose Luis takes the notes time top of the mountain to the church built into the mountain and burns the notes to let them go to the universe.  It’s a beautiful thing and the ceremony was just perfect.  At the end I stayed and wrote a note of my own. Actually it wasn’t a note but a poem. I hope it warms the heart of whoever reads it and all that hear it! Such incredible experiences in y camino! I don’t even know if this is real except for the blister on my toe! What an amazing experience today! I have met yet another angel on my camino and it is just so amazing!   Pura Vida siempre y buen camino!