Day 8 Longrono to Najera

Day 8:  30.2 kilometers

Total:  228.0 kilometers

This morning started with me getting up early and hanging out in the kitchen and just writing postcards! It was raining out and I was debating taking another shower because they were really warm but I decided not to. I ate half of a grapefruit with my good friends Muhamed and Barbara and then decided to hit the road.  I bundled up and cut a hole through the middle of a trash bag and threw that over me and my bag.  It looked totally ghetto but it worked wonderfully and since I cut the sides too so it would get easy over my bag, it was quite breezy so I didn’t overheat! Most excellent!  Heading out of Logrono it was raining pretty steadily and I was walking with Muhamed which was fun. We stopped at a panaderia for a nice cafe con leche y croissant. Delicioso! Perfect way to start the walk.  After the quick break we both left and I ended up saying goodbye and went ahead because in the morning I get excited and walk fast. Winding out of town was quite beautiful.  A very nice path was made for people to walk and connected all the way to Navarette.  It was nice seeing so many people from the local towns out there in the rainy morning exercising and running and biking. I also enjoyed the rain hitting my bag.  It became its own orchestra as I walked in the rain.  Ta ta ta ta ta ta ! Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta! It was actually enjoyable and I liked it.  I kept this rhythm even when the rain stopped with my very own sound effects. A very nice morning even with the rain!

The rain eased up as I was getting to Navarette which was nice so I took my trash bag off. I walked through and smelled some bread being baked. I needed to grab just a little snack! Fresh from the oven and still warm I ate the whole baguette over the next 4k!   Most of the town was still closed but the panaderia I found off the main route was totally worth it!  There weren’t any hills really today just a few bumps here and there.  It was wild how the wind would change and how cold it became at times!  I would go from being toasty at times to absolutely freezing!  I put my trash bag on a few more times just to radiate heat back to me and it did help quite a bit!

I made it to Ventosa just as it was getting pretty freezing out.  I walked up to the church because it looked pretty spectacular.  I actually walked up with an old lady who was going to church to pray.  We talked back and forth which was fun on the walk up the steps.  She told me where the cool picture spots were for pilgrims. She was happy and I enjoyed talking to her for a bit.  I put my bag down outside and went inside the church and sat in the back and just looked around. It was absolutely beautiful! People coming in for mass sitting down and all the artwork- whoa!  Oh and when the lady and me made it to the church, the bells started ringing! It was music to my ears! Actually when it was a few kilometers away I heard them ring and said to myself, man i wish I could be up close when that happens!  The universe rocks because 20 minutes later I was next to the church and it was ringing!

From Ventosa to Najera it was a long 11k that was cold and also slippery in the mud at times but the vistas still were epic! I passed a few wine companies that used the vineyards that I was walking through which was pretty cool! I saw a giant bull billboard just like the one I drove by in between Malaga and Antequera!  Super cool! Making it into Najera it was cool going from the new city to the old part.  I really like the old city look better and also the small towns too!

Now I’m in Najera ready to take a break.  I sat down for some calamari and a cup of wine and wrote some postcards and just enjoyed being inside and off my feet! Then I went around exploring the town a bit and then found Stefano, Muhamed, and Gian Marco!!!   It was awesome! I was so happy to see them and instantly felt better! We all went to the Municipal Albergue together and checked in, showered up, rested and wrote in our journals. I felt great to be home again!  The volunteers that run this Albergue are just absolute gems! You feel the love when you see them and talking to them you feel it even more.  Marian actually even took Stephano, Gian Marco and me to the supermarket on the other side of town when we told her we were going to make dinner for everybody!

Once again it is an epic food show with the most delicious food for half the cost of going out! And it also fills the whole Albergue with the most amazing smells of homemade meals.  We pushed the tables together and put out the wine and the feast began.  It was incredible! The food the laughs the smiles all was amazing and made for another memorable day!  In the morning we also had a great breakfast together with more smiles and laughs and good vibrations! It was actually hard to leave this Albergue the next day not because it was snowing but because the love was so powerful there! In the eyes of Marian you could see the love and she was so amazing.  I really think that this was another angel along my way. Truly a beautiful soul and can’t wait to see her again down the road of life! She gave us a little yellow arrow token and we hugged good bye and were off!  Pura Vida y buen camino!

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