Parada de Zuriain

I left Zubiri fresh in the morning! I had my lemon water with a banana in the morning and I was feeling good!  In hit the frosty trail and was off.  I had a great times weaving through the woods and trails and trees.  The birds were loud and all the horses were out grazing.  It was a zen morning. I started to get hungry as I went along and looked at the map to see that it was only 10 kilometers to this little town of Zuriain.  Well there was my plan, walk peacefully until I made it to Zuriain and grab a quick bite to eat and a cafe which would propel me through the day.  I crossed the bridge into Zuriain and saw this wild figure out front.  Everything looked closed but i saw an open sign on the door and headed into this place called Parada de Zuriain.  My world was forever changed!


I was greeted with the warmest smile instantly pushing out any thought of cold I had from the trail.  Then as I was about to take a seat a very nice man told me in Spanish to come closer to the fire because it was much warmer there. My cheeks were blushed from the cold wind that morning and the nice man could see it so I say close to the warm and crackling fire.  It was beautiful.  The lady working came over and asked me what I would like and I orders a warm cafe with tostadas.  Her smile, her eyes, her movements just vibrated pure love and I could instantly feel it! It was such a beautiful place filled with such beautiful people inside and out that I felt like I could stay there forever!

Moments later the best tasting tostadas came out accompanied with the best cup of coffee I had ever tasted. It was purely perfect.  I love how you can feel love from people’s eyes and then also feel it from their work and actions.  This was a magical moment for me and I’m still thinking about it a day later.  These magic moments stay with you for a lifetime.  So,when you have the opportunity to be that magic in someone else’s life, be as magical as you can! Love this place and will forever remember it! Pura Vida and buen camino!