My First Trail Angel

I started off today just relaxing and slept in a little bit. Then I headed over to the train station and bought my train ticket to St Jean Pied de Port!  Holy moly! It was a rush! It actually was a train to Cambo les Bains then a bus from there to SJPDP. Well this gives me the morning and afternoon to explore! Of course I start out with my push-ups then decide to go out for a walk.  It’s a grey day but the sun pokes out here and there so it’s nice.  Lots of people are out walking around.  I see a bunch of tents on the other side of the river and go to explore. It is a farmers market and that makes sense since it is Saturday! I cruised through enjoying the festivities of all kinds of people picking up fruit, vegetables, bread, jamon, queso, beautiful flowers, and many other things.  On my way in I passed a beautifully stand that smelled so good with its homemade soaps and incense.  I looked and thought maybe I will come back and pick something up later.  I walked through trying. Samples of bread and cheeses and jamon.  That just kind of got me hungry so I went off the market to a place a bit less crowded.

I found a great place with a few people outside and a packed inside so I knew it must be good.  I chose the plat de jour which was an excellent choice.  A little filet, savory fries, soft flaky pastry, fresh lettuce drizzled in vinegar and olive oil and some delicious bread! The meal came with a whole bottle of delicious water and some very tasty coffee!  What a treat.  I sat out there with a few other people and enjoyed my meal.  I heard music going on and it sounded familiar.  No way – it was acoustic bob marley!   He is one of the greats and his music is known worldwide.  It was a beautiful lunch!  Finishing up I had some more time so went walking some more just enjoying the streets.  Just talking side street snifter side street enjoying the shops and bars I found myself back at the main part of the farmers market. So I walked through again and ended up smelling that sweet scented soap place.  I looked a little closer this time and while the owner was helping another person I smelled some of the soaps and thought it might be a good idea to get some soap so I don’t stink along my journey!  Nah I should be good but I love incense and saw some nag champa there! Love that scent and was thinking about getting some.  What I really wanted was a new scent to represent my journey that when I smell again I get flooded with the emotions and joy and memories that lie ahead of me today.  Magically as if it was blinded from me before sat a green box.  I picked it up smelled it and loved it. Looking at it it was a chakra opening blend and it was for the heart!  Once again my mantra comes I to action on my way,

I am pure love radiating out in every direction!


It was beautiful and we started talking a bit more and her eyes lit,up when I said I wasn’t staying longer in Bayonne because I was going to start my camino!  Her eyes lit up along with her magical smile.  I felt a warmth coming from her that you don’t get from every person.  She had to be an angel.  I pulled out from my sash in my life bag my palo santo and asked if she has heard of it before.,  she smelled it and her eyes lit.up even more.  We talked about the benefits of natural things in our world and also how they help,our spiritual world.  We came upon the subject of sage which I love to use to smudge and she says that she has it in her garden at home and eats a leaf every day and hasn’t been to the doctor since she started! What a beautiful soul!  After all this time I realized I had not officially introduced myself to this angel in front of me! We exchanged names and I found her name to be Valerie!  Valerie was excited about our crossing of paths and explained that it wasn’t by chance that I came back.  I came back because we were meant to be. I loved that! Her eyes lit,up even more as I smiled and she said she had a gift for me! I a as grinning more than anything that I decided to come back to the market to her stand!  Her gift to me was one of her homemade soaps.  This one was special. It was made of sage. Perfectly natural and organic and biodegradable makes it good to use and it won’t hurt pachamama! So if need be I can take a quick bath in a chilly river to get clean! The sage soap smells so amazing and I will cherish it along my journey!  I can’t believe I talked to an angel today and am so excited to officially begin my journey even though my way has already begun the moment I landed in Spain! This is such a beautiful world filled with such amazing people! I can’t wait to experience everything that lies ahead but first I a going to just sit here and breathe.  It all feels so good and I’m beaming light right now! I feel like walking the camino might not be hard at all because right now I’m flying and feel lighter than air! With that we said our goodbyes and both of us our excited to see when our paths cross again! Buen camino and Pura Vida! Adventures!