Day 11: Tosantos to Atapuerca

Day 11:  25.6 kilometers

Total:  301.0 kilometers

Such a relaxing morning! The owner Jose Luis had a rule that no one gets up before 7 becausethe floor is very creaky and we should all sleep and get well rested for our journey.  It is not only taxing physically but mentally.  It is a walk inside of your own mind and a great journey! So getting up at around 7 I just laid there on my mat reading a bit and debating what to do that day. Ready for a little climbing and enough reading for one morning I packed up all my stuff which I had sprawled out everywhere.  Stopped in the kitchen for a little lemon water and coffee and a few pieces of bread and I was ready to start walking! I asked Jose Luis for a few words for my travels and he said a beautiful prayer to me and with his thumb drew a cross on my forehead and hugged me. It really was beautiful and I felt it the whole day. Then A buen camino and hug to all of my family and with a heart filled with happiness and love I set out!  It was snowing and pretty cold but when I left the sun came out and was beautiful! I took a picture of the Albergue from the same spot the movie “The Way” filmed it! It was pretty cool and I left a heart in the snow to show everybody how much I loved the night before.

As I was walking the sun came out so fierce it felt like I was walking on the sun! It was such a special night last night that I felt like the universe was shining down on me saying yea i know that was incredible and it really happened not just a dream!  With the sun shining and my heart glowing I walked alone into the day.  My eyes started leaking which was weird because I don’t often do that but it felt so good.  I let them leak and was happy.  Tears filled with love and happiness just felt so good with the sun shining down so bright.  My feet that hurt a little bit stopped hurting and I pressed on.  It was nice at times then absolutely freezing at other times.  The hills weren’t bad but getting my feet wet did kind of suck.  When my feet get so wet like that and I am walking for hours my feet feel like bread in water just getting mushy. I crossed this one bridge that from the snow and the rain this week actually turned into a river itself! I did a gymnastic move over the bridge and jumped to one side to avoid the water and was going to keep going then I saw a rock! This rocked yelled at me ” think other people want wet feet?” Absolutely not!   So I grabbed this rock and four of his friends and threw them into the water on the bridge so people could use them as stepping stones. Random acts of kindness I think can change the world.  For me just making a little stepping stone over the water meant a lot to me and I’m sure it meant a lot to other people, when they saw a route over to the water keeping their feet dry.  I hope everyone that walks sees this and thinks to themselves when they are in a similar situation that they do something nice just to do it. Random acts of kindness can change the world!  I looked around as I walked but felt great and walked quite fast.  3.5 hours and almost 20 k later I was over the mountains and at St Juan de Ortega.  Perfect too because I was absolutely starving!

I went in and sat next to the fire and took my wet sandals and socks off and ordered a cafe con leche to warm up.  Then I ordered a tortilla con chorizo and just as I sat back down my good friend Muhamed came walking in! Most excellent! I was so happy to see him! He ordered a beer and a bocadillo and sat down with me.  That beer looked really good so I ordered one also.  We sat and ate a talked about the day and then had a cafe then were taking off.  As I walked out of the door there was GianMarco coming in! Holy moly! So good to see him again too! Was glad to see him doing alright because Achilles was hurting bad yesterday.  He sat down for some food as I left with Muhamed to walk another 6 kilometers today.

Chatting with Muhamed is a beautiful thing! He is an awesome guy and really makes me smile. So pure so genuine such a gentle heart and beautiful soul! We had fun walking together today before also.  On the top of the mountain we both screamed and heard it echo across the snow and laughed so much. We even did a reenactment of titanic with the front of the boat scene and laughed quite a bit more!  In the last leg of today it became really windy.  Like the wind was sideways and then started snowing and hailing! So cold! The hail hurt because it felt like hitting a bumble bee on a roller coaster like the Magnum at Cedar Point on the downhill part! The only thing was the downhill never stopped and there were a few million bumble bees! I shielded myself with my buff and also my trash bag poncho that I have grown quite fond of.  Muhamed and I could see our destination and once again shouted with joy! I couldn’t help but smile and felt so good even with the cold wind and wet shoes! Oh I forgot to add earlier that I changed socks at lunch which made all the difference!  Dryer socks in kind of wet shoes felt like heaven! I think I a going to do that ever day now!  Literally skipping we both were very close to the town of Atapuerca and I was flying!

I ended up jumping a ditch to the edge of the field where there were a bunch of rocks and left a little love in the form of a rock heart!  I love doing that and since there always is an overlap of people in the camino more and more people are telling me about the hearts! Today at lunch a guy came in that I passed earlier the day and was like it’s you isn’t it! Coracon en la Tierra!  I smiled and said yea isn’t it beautiful! He agreed and smiled and said that it makes him smile when he sees it and the talk at night and on the camino is who is making all of these hearts on the camino! I think it’s great that people a seeing my hearts which represent radiating love in every direction just like my mantra.  People have told me it makes them smile, some say it’s always in the right spot when they need a boost, some just shake my hand and smile.  I hope everyone enjoys my hearts on the camino! The heel slap chest pop happiness movement is really flying right now!  Hearts and love and happiness and random acts of kindness! Let’s change the world!

The Albergue de Peregrinos in Atapuerca is just a gem! 8 euros but I’m in a nice room with a comfy bed and a heater with 5 other people.  This place has a kitchen and a lovely host! I love little gems like this place!

Tomorrow I’m debating on getting up and leaving before sunrise and walking through Burgos to who knows where. If I feel good maybe a bit more bit we will see when it happens.

Until next time!  Pura Vida and Buen Camino!!!